Thibault Gomez : Piano
Robinson Khoury : Trombone
Pierre-Marie Lapprand : Saxophones
Etienne Renard : Contrebasse
Benoît Joblot : Batterie

Due to the impulse of Robinson Khoury and Thibault Gomez, this Quintet was born after a first encounter in the region of Rhône-Alpes in France.

The idea of the ensemble is to reunite talented musicians and friends around the composer Thibault Gomez. His music find a personal and intimate sound. Since 2014 the audience enjoys their enthusiasm and musical expressionism on stage.
The originality of the quintet comes from their irrepressible power thanks to a resolute modern music, with it’s roots in the universe of Ornette Coleman and Paul Bley, as well as in the one of Olivier Messiaen, Ligeti or contemporary improvisation. All this with the concern for rigor and in giving privilege to interaction.
This is how this five young musicians propose a unique stage experience in each concert.
In August 2016 they have been recording their first album at the reputated studio „La Buissone“, that will be released on the Paris based label „Parrallel Record“ in spring 2018. The Thibault Gomez Quintet is part of the musicians collective „Mineurs de fond“.