SARAB is a chimerical adventure that brings together the fury of contemporary jazz and the infinite wealth of traditional music of the Middle East. The young explorers gather around a meticulous work of reappropriation of texts and melodies to try to deliver a resolutely modern, original and intoxicating music. Dreaming with jazz harmonies, exulting with the energy of rock, dancing with the rhythms of the world, SARAB sublimates the depth of tradition to deliver to Men the enchanting poetry of these eternal chants.

Climène Zarkan

Robinson Khoury

Baptiste Ferrandis

Timothée Robert

Paul Berne

Thibault Gomez

Leone Sauvage


Leone sauvageis a wild group of untamed young musicians, dancers, artists, actors….

…one in a while a cave is turned into an anarchique concert, making you dance, making you yell.

Come to the ritual initiation of LEONEsauvage for liberty and expression….

Plus d’informations : Leone Sauvage

Madam Ramdam



MaDam RamDam was born from the desire to perpetuate and share a dance,
with a popular music. Our four friends bring us back to life
rockabilly, java, reggae, sega, mazurka, swing … of our tender old
under the glass-good-child’s eye of an incandescent jazz and full of passion!
From this alchemy, arise the songs of the young singer,
exalted by three multi-instrumentalists jazz tightrope walkers,
in a quasi-surrealistic universe or everyone’s imagination
take MaDam RamDam a step further!

Paolo Gauthier – Voice, guitar, percussion, harmonica, dance
Thibault Gomez – Accordion, keyboards, effects, objects
Pierre-Marie Lapprand – Tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone
Benoit Joblot – Drums, percussion

Thibault Gomez Quintet


Thibault Gomez : Piano
Robinson Khoury : Trombone

Pierre-Marie Lapprand : Saxophons
Etienne Renard : Double bass
Benoît Joblot : Drums

Due to the impulse of Robinson Khoury and Thibault Gomez, this Quintet was born after a first encounter in the region of Rhône-Alpes in France.

The idea of the ensemble is to reunite talented musicians and friends around the composer Thibault Gomez. His music find a personal and intimate sound. Since 2014 the audience enjoys their enthusiasm and musical expressionism on stage.
The originality of the quintet comes from their irrepressible power thanks to a resolute modern music, with it’s roots in the universe of Ornette Coleman and Paul Bley, as well as in the one of Olivier Messiaen, Ligeti or contemporary improvisation. All this with the concern for rigor and in giving privilege to interaction.
This is how this five young musicians propose a unique stage experience in each concert.
In August 2016 they have been recording their first album at the reputated studio „La Buissone“, that will be released on the Paris based label „Parrallel Record“ in spring 2018. The Thibault Gomez Quintet is part of the musicians collective „Mineurs de fond“.


In 2020, Juliette Meyer (vocals, lyrics) brought together Thibault Gomez (piano), Fanny Lasfargues (electro-acoustic bass) and Benoît Joblot (drums) to create Haléïs. Meaning “resounding cry” in old French, Haléïs combines song and jazz, without being a vocal jazz band. Its influences are less Billie Holiday than Babx, Jacques Brel or Barbara. With its repetitive rhythms and exhilarating climbs, the song format dominates, but there is always room for improvisation. If Meyer comes up with texts and compositions, there is a second phase of collective writing – an organic unity between the voice and the instruments.